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Ludella Hahn – SheMask 4: Nerd to Slutty Secretary


Nerdy girl Ludella is back to her nerdy frumpy self, this time at work. In the break room, her own boss (POV) begins to humiliate her in front of everyone, making fun of how nerdy and frumpy she looks. She begins to cry and runs to the bathroom to cry to herself. She starts talking about what mean things she wants to say to her boss, but her nerdy mind is too innocent. She wishes she had her mask with her. “If only She were here. She would know what to do. She would probably make him wet his pants.” She hears laughing, but can’t see where it’s coming from. There’s a flash in the mirror and suddenly the sexier She-Mask version of herself is her reflection. They bicker for a while. Nerd Ludella thinks the She-Mask is just trouble, making her look like a slut. She hates what it makes her do, but She-Mask points out that she was just begging for her help. Ludella says she left the mask at home anyway. “You know what to do. The power is inside of you. Come on, let me out. Let me have some fun with your boss. Think about it.” The reflection disappears and Ludella is again by herself. She takes off her glasses and begins touching herself. Her flats turn to heels and her socks into stockings. Soon she’s fully transformed into a slutty secretary outfit. She’s hot now. She moans in pleasure and reaches climax at the full transformation. Now, to have fun with her boss. She locks his office door behind her. “Oh, hello. Yeah, it’s me. Your nerdy secretary. Not so nerdy anymore, am I?” She teases him with her short skirt and stockings. She’s not wearing any panties and you get a POV glimpse when she lifts her legs in pinup poses. Her boss is so turned on that he can’t keep from playing with himself. He takes it out, and she teases him even more, encouraging him to climax, but just as he’s about to, she turns right back into her nerdy self. “Oops. Haha. Guess I ruined that for you, huh?” She laughs, but her boss is begging her to change back. “”Oh, you want me that badly? I’ll think about changing back tomorrow, after you give me a raise.” She giggles mischievously. He’s so desperate that he agrees.

02 October 2022
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Ludella Hahn, Shemask - Ludella Hahn – SheMask 4: Nerd to Slutty Secretary [, / HD 720p]