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Cythereas Big Score


Cytherea is the best cat burglar in the business, and this time, the sneaky slut has set her sights on some precious jewels from a local mansion. But when fellow thief Johnny Sins shows up with the same idea, things get a little complicated. Cytherea distracts him with her tits, and then ties him up to leave for the cops. But thinking quick, Johnny offers her a taste of his fat cock to distract her, knowing full well that a horny slut like Cytherea cant pass up the chance to get her hands on some truly precious merchandise. She sucks Johnnys big dick until her pussy is dripping wet, and then unties him so that he can fuck that pussy right. But now that Johnny is untied, who will escape with the jewels, and who will be left behind for the cops? Collapse

08 May 2020
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Cytherea, Johnny Sins - Cythereas Big Score [ 720p] - March 22, 2014