Selene devours the Goliath


Prepare yourself to see and enjoy a truly unique, mind blowing, insertion movie starring our new ‘Queen Selene’ devouring an entire ‘Goliath’ dildo, from ‘Hankeys Toys’ extreme silicone range. This is the biggest toy they make, with a gargantuan 4.5” thick x 14” long shaft, designed for strictly the most depraved monster cock loving sluts with super loose, greedy holes. We’ve seen a few of our amateur stars fucking this titanic toy, but we never thought we’d see any lady devour it to the fucking balls. It’s hard to believe it’s even possible to achieve, but Selene is a truly extraordinary woman, with the biggest, most insatiable cunt we’ve had the pleasure to publish. Enjoy watching as she mounts and rides the Goliath up and down, from tip to base repeatedly in multiple positions, whilst frantically masturbating her clit. Her orgasms are immense, and you can hear and see how much she loves this toy busting her cunt apart, as she screams in multiple, body shattering orgasms, then proudly shows just how huge her prolapsing, gaping, wrecked cunt really is in the aftermath of this record breaking penetration!

09 May 2020
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Queen Selene - Selene devours the Goliath [HD 720p]