Marias anal pineapple fuck, Sicflics, Queen Maria


Just when we thought our Brazilian anal ‘Queen Maria’ couldn’t possibly shove anything more enormous and bizarre in her greedy butt hole, she shocks us again with this insane and unique insertion movie! Thats right, its a pineapple fruit and its gigantic and its buried in her rectum along with several giant mangos and even a melon. We’ve really never seen anything like it, and we could only expect to see this outrageous penetration from Maria and no other lady. See her bent over on all fours as her boyfriend begins ramming her insatiable, gaping ass with the giant pineapple, relentlessly pushing it in and out almost entirely inside her permanently ruined ass meat. This is nothing like she’s ever experienced before and it drives her wild being penetrated with such a bizarre object. He then continues stuffing her hole with two giant melons and mangos which she swallows up entirely, and repeatedly pushes to expel them, stretching her elasticated anal ring to its maximum. The end result is the worlds most extreme anal whore, pleased with her obscene new record breaking level of ass destruction and the humongous gape it created which really can’t be missed!

11 May 2020
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Queen Maria - Marias anal pineapple fuck, Sicflics, Queen Maria [HD 720p]