Marias extreme anal ruination, Sicflics, Queen Maria


The mesmerising Brazilian ‘Queen Maria’, stars in this outrageous anal destruction movie, having her greedy gaping ass foot fucked and blasted with colossal dildos! See our most extreme anal Queen enjoying her ultimate fantasies of humiliation, as her dominant boyfriend inserts his giant foot in her butt and kicks it repeatedly in and out to the heel! This is such a turn on for Maria, to have such a wrecked and worthless anus that her boyfriend can shove his foot in and fuck her with it, as and when he pleases. The prolapse his huge foot creates is immense, making her rectum fall out like a giant pink sock, as her pussy constantly oozes with her orgasmic bodily fluids, and they’re only just getting started. Once he’s finished wrecking her ass with his feet, Maria bends over and has her rectum stretched and punished even more with the colossal ‘SeaHorse’ and ‘Boss Hogg’ dildos from ‘Hankeys Toys”. These are the biggest dildos they make, with extremely thick shafts over 4” in girth, perfect for destroying Marias insatiable hole till it farts, gapes, drools and prolapses so profusely, it cannot be missed if you’re a fan of severe anal destruction!

11 May 2020
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Queen Maria - Marias extreme anal ruination, Sicflics, Queen Maria [HD 720p]