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My Birthday Bbc Blowbang

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I love making my husband watch me be nasty! One thing I have never had was a blowbang! Can you believe that? I just had the crazy urge to suck as many big black cocks and my husband made it happen. He films me fucking and sucking a bunch of black men he hired to fuck my throat out with their thick long dicks! Yup, that's the kind of man I have, isn't he great? He actually went out on his own and got these guys for me! Bravo to my husband! I mean, I have never used my face like a strait up pussy for these men to pound out! I surprised I didn't spit up when their big black cocks would push their way into my throat! I can feel it come up a few times but I just end up drooling all over those massive ebony rods! I made sure after they are done using my face like a fuck hole, to get as much cum out of those cocks as I could! I let those huge black shafts unload all over my face and in my mouth and I made a nasty mess! I wipe it up with some birthday cake and get to eating!

09 October 2022
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Helena Price, My Birthday Bbc Blowbang - My Birthday Bbc Blowbang [ / FullHD 1080p]