Nailing the Nosy Neighbor


When Angel Long moved into her new neighborhood, her nosy neighbor Alyssa Reece just wouldnt stop coming over and trying to get a grand tour of the house. But when she interrupted Angels afternoon wank session, that was one step too far. Angel lead Alyssa into the house and gave that nosy slut a grand tour of her vagina, starting by carefully instructing her on how to properly eat out a pussy. Angel and Alyssa tongue-fucked each others tasty twats, and then Angel busted out her favorite dildo. Angel used that little blue toy to fuck every one of Alyssas holes, and then they took turns taking it deep in their tight asses. The two lusty lesbians had some intense orgasms, cumming hard as their assholes got pounded by the little dildo. Once their marathon lesbian fuck session was done with, the ladies went for a drink. Isnt it nice when neighbors can be friends? Collapse

08 May 2020
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Alyssa Reece, Angel Long - Nailing the Nosy Neighbor [ 720p] - July 10, 2014