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Amateurboxxx – Julz Gotti – Mind Controlled A Hot Sorority Slut

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I finally figured out how to turn someone into a robot. I just needed another perfect candidate to test my new invention. I told Julz, a hot sorority slut, that I would help her with her science paper. Little did she know I really just wanted to use her as my test subject. I had tried to talk to her many times in the past because I thought she was really pretty, but she was a total bitch and turned me down every time. In fact she had her Jock boyfriend beat me up. So I really hate that Bitch, but I sure would like to fuck to her. So, I waited for the perfect moment, then I slid my newly invented micro chip into her ear. Before she could pull it out I turned it on. Needless to say the Science was sound and worked perfectly. She was under my control. It was like she was a robot and would do anything I told her. I made her put away the books topless. I had her jump on one foot and bark. I had her touch herself, then I played with bobbies, rubbed her clit, bent her over and spread her ass cheeks on the library table. I was just about to finger bang her with my penis when all of a sudden the micro chip start to fry. I of course quickly took out the micro chip and hauled ass. Fuck, I guess my Science isn’t as sound as I thought, that’s the fourth girl this month that malfunctioned on me. I’m gonna have to go back to the old drawing board. Lol

02 October 2022
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Julz Gotti - Amateurboxxx – Julz Gotti – Mind Controlled A Hot Sorority Slut [ / 2K UHD 2160p]