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Amateurboxxx – Rachel Rivers Summons a Sex Master AKA Rachel Rivers gets Fang Banged in the Library (2020-07-21)


Rachel is in the Library searching for books about vampires. She is doing a paper for her creative writing class and wants to do some research. Rachel comes across an old book that has ancient spells inside it. She finds one that says it will summons the Vampire Sex God. The spell says that if you fuck him and he is pleased, he will turn you into a VAMPIRE. Nicole laughs and thinks it’s a total joke, then she starts to read the Ancient chant out loud. After about twenty seconds, the lights flicker, there is a loud bang, and smoke fills up the room everywhere. A second later, a dim light comes on and the vampire appears (stud). He asks who would summons him and goes on to explain that he was in the middle of a feeding orgy with him and five woman. He yells that he is pissed off. He rubs her face and shows his fangs. Nicole is fraked out and scared but also attracted to him. She speaks up and says that it was her that called for him. Nicole explains hat she was just kidding around and doing research for a college paper. She never thought it would really work. Nicole tries to apologize and tell him that she didn’t even think Fangers were real. The vampire grabs her chin, looks her in the eye and begins to glamour her. He tells her that she is madly in love with him and that she wants to have crazy wild sex right then and there. When he is finished glamouring her, the model attacks him. They fuck like wild animals and she cums on his cold cock several times. The Fanger then shoots his cold load deep inside her warm tight pussy. Just before he leaves, the Fanger glamours her one more time and tells her that she won’t remember a thing. I guess he didn’t want to turn her and decided to head back to his Orgy instead.

02 October 2022
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Rachel Rivers, Vampire - Amateurboxxx – Rachel Rivers Summons a Sex Master AKA Rachel Rivers gets Fang Banged in the Library (2020-07-21) [, / FullHD 1080p]