Sailor Mars Stretches, Fists Her Hole, Natalie Mars


Sailor Mars (not to be confused with the anime) is expected to keep up the morale of all the men on the ship! In my revealing, non-regulation uniform, its my duty to go from cabin to cabin, making sure every crewman on board is relieved of his sexual frustration (and his semen). Today, this particular sailor just wants to watch me ride an absolutely enormous dildo he found when he was on shore leave (a large sized Clayton from Bad Dragon). Im not so sure at first, but I want to be exceptional in my role as ship cumdump and keep the men happy, so I do as Im asked. Taking the entire thing to the hilt, I bounce up and down on it with enthusiasm! Once my hole is good and stretched out, I manage to get my entire hand in there and fist myself (an actual first for me). Im so turned on by it I have to jump back on the dildo and make myself cum! After today, I may not be any good to the rest of the crew! ^_^

09 May 2020
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