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Teen Sneaks - Shhh... Lets Be Quiet


Kimora Quin tells her parent that she's going to bed, and goes to her room. But what Kimora didn't tell her parent is that she's arranged a secret meeting with her girlfriend, Kimmy Kimm! As soon as Kimmy sneaks in, Kimora tells her that they have to be really quiet, because Kimora's parent is still up and about. Kimmy is a little surprised that Kimora didn't want to wait for her parent to go to bed, but agrees to be as quiet as possible. The girls silently but eagerly fondle each other over their clothes, and enjoy a little foot worship as well. Kimora then helps Kimmy to take off her panties, so she can eat out Kimmy's pussy. As the sex continues, their pleasure keeps intensifying... can they really stay quiet enough to avoid getting caught?

36m 58s
17 February 2023
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