Katie Rose: Girl With the Magic Touch


Katie Rose is a stunner in a bright red dress but her magic is that she can wear anything and still be a knockout with her gorgeous face and big, beautiful breasts. She's both erotic and sexy on-camera and the same when she's off-camera. SCORELAND: Do you have any favorite SCORELAND videos you've made? Katie Rose: To be honest, I never watch my videos. I believe that they are all good because I give all my best in them. I give 100% to my favorite viewers. SCORELAND: What satisfies you? Katie Rose: Achievements of my goals. SCORELAND: What is your favorite way to spend your Saturday night? Katie Rose: Either go dancing in a club or stay at home to study and write my blog. SCORELAND: Molly Evans likes to go dancing with friends. Do you? Katie Rose: Yes, sometimes. SCORELAND: If you could make three wishes, what would you wish for? Katie Rose: I want to buy an apartment. I would like to shoot for SCORE in America. I want to love and be loved.

19m 17s
17 February 2023
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