Rachael C. Swings & Creams


Did you know that Rachael C. likes to swing? We're outside with pretty English girl Rachael C. in a garden in Prague. After her swingin' time, Rachael takes her huge tits out and pours a liberal amount of moisturizer over them. She rubs it into her soft breast flesh. If Rachael needed a hand doing this, there would be no shortage of volunteers SCORE magazine readers and SCORELAND members met Rachael when she first modeled for a series of shoots. Rachael was a referral from Katie Thornton. Well, look at Rachael now! "My breasts are much bigger now, so I have to get specialty bras," Rachael said. "My boobs are much too big to buy bras off the rack. No matter what I wear to go out, my breasts are emphasized." "I kind of have to wear a bra because they are so heavy but sometimes I will not, but I love how big and juicy they look in a bra. I can hold a can or bottle between my tits without a bra." Big and juicy is right. Who wouldn't want to spend some quality time sucking on those boobies?

20m 11s
17 February 2023
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