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In Girl Friends Comforting Each Other

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Breakups are hard. However, moving on is harder. Having a supportive and comforting friend to get over a bad breakup can make a big difference. Lia Lin is quite lucky to have a friend like Liv Revamped. The gorgeous hottie with curly hair doesn't hesitate to cancel her plan with her boyfriend to be with Lia. Liv knows her friend needs her more today than ever. Aside from being there to comfort Lia, Liv also can't resist having fun with her. Seeing Lia's big feet is more than enough reason for Liv to stay with her. Liv admires Lia's sexy feet before sucking her long toenails adorned with white-tipped toenail polish. She uses her tongue to explore every inch of Lia's beautiful arches and soles. Liv passionately gives Lia the foot worship she deserves. She licks the sexy feet like they are delicious popsicles on a hot day. Not wanting to let Liv do all the work, Lia also gives her friend a sensual foot-licking and toe-sucking. They continue giving each other foot worship before helping each other undress. Lia lies on the couch with her legs wide open. Liv can't help but adore the skinny hottie's bald pussy. She looks at the tasty pussy with glee before licking it out with gusto. Lia returns the favor by eating out Liv's pussy. She then bends over on top of Liv and lets the beautiful hottie lick her pussy. Liv lovingly gives Lia the pussy licking she desires while Lia uses her feet to play with her tits. They continue admiring and worshiping each other's feet before scissoring each other. They grind their wet pussies against each other until they achieve the comforting orgasm they desire. Liv and Lia kiss each other while basking in the sensual orgasm they got during their passionate lesbian foot worship. .

35m 40s
17 February 2023
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