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Black Spinner Buttfucked

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This tiny slice of chocolate cake got face fucked until her chocolate face was covered in vanilla. She became "pound cake." She was drilled in all her holes and Bootleg took his dick out of her dirt pipe and shoved it in her cock neck. She moaned and called Bootleg "Unkle LeRoy." The old man whore and the Vaccinated Vandal really took her to task. She was filled with yellow discipline until her cup runneth over. The Vaccinated Vandal popped his poison "safe and effective" full of "coincidences" semen. They say that spike protein gets transmitted, but hey, I follow the science, so my head is in the sand. During the DP she moaned and howled as two dicks went in and out, over and over. 3 loads were dumped on her face and she sat their owned.

1h 02m 40s
18 February 2023
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