Ivanna Lace: Black-haired Beauty Gets Squirty in Her Kitchen


Black-haired beauty Ivanna Lace was called "Wifey Material" by an admirer. We'd like to say we saw her first. Here we get a tour of her gorgeous body during a tour of the kitchen that ultimately leaves the counter wet when she cums. The look of intense sexual pleasure on her face when Ivanna has a juicy orgasm is priceless. Ivanna could work in the beauty salon business as a trained cosmetologist but she would rather create horny videos and photos. She has more freedom and time for herself with the career she's chosen. "Sometimes I touch my breasts without realizing it," Ivanna said. "It can also happen when I am among friends. But my friends are used to seeing me do this."

18m 35s
19 February 2023
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