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Liar Liar


Isiah Maxwell is about to leave for work when he runs into his partner, Kagney Linn Karter, in the kitchen. They exchange a sweet kiss and Isiah mentions how proud he is of Kagney for pitching in such a large amount for their mortgage payment last month. Her online store must be doing quite well, it seems!But when Isiah leaves, it's revealed that Kagney has been running a... DIFFERENT sort online enterprise. In fact, she's been raking it in as a cam girl! Isiah knows nothing about this, of course, and who knows how he would react if he ever discovered her secret?Well, get ready... because today is THAT day. Thinking she's alone, Kagney pops open her cam site and starts rubbing her pussy for her adoring fans. But little does she know that Isiah has come home early. He walks in on Kagney, who's been caught in the act, fapping away like there's no tomorrow. Will Isiah be mad about it? Or... does he have something else in mind?

32m 57s
20 February 2023
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