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Your Touch

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Sexy blonde Carolina Savage is in bed with Tommy Gold, their hands exploring amorously. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Your Touch" begins, the lovers kiss tenderly; Tommy lifts his sweetheart’s sweater and sucks her stiff nipples as she grinds on the growing bulge in his briefs. Kissing his way down, Tommy licks Carolina through her panties, then peels them off and eats her shaved pussy until she’s moaning and quivering with pleasure. He penetrates her in missionary and fucks her to an orgasm; she’s eager to taste herself on his dick, licking it from root to tip before wrapping her lips around it for an intense blowjob. Straddling Tommy, Carolina rides him cowgirl style, wave after wave of bliss sweeping through her beautiful body. They switch to spoons, slamming together until Carolina orgasms again as Tommy fills her pussy with hot cum.

25m 03s
23 February 2023
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