“I got rear ended!”


In this exciting episode we have the return of the gorgeous Epiphany. This time she describes how on the way to her shoot with me she got “Rear ended” by a gorgeous woman in a Range Rover. The woman took pity on poor Epiphany & invited her into the back of her fabulous car. However her kind pretence at consolation soon turned into a rampant, maelstrom of lust laden, lesbian lust! Epiphany described the woman as “Absolutely gorgeous”. It would seem that not only did the girls exchange details, but bodily juices as well! I was so shocked at this tale, I very nearly dropped my trousers to wildly masturbate like a demented madman whilst Epiphany drooled out her story, but I thought it would be inappropriate.

24m 57s
24 February 2023
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