Ludwiga Von Tease: No Teasing Allowed


The name Ludwiga Von Tease sounds like she's a striptease star or a glamour model. She is not. Ludwiga is a full-contact porn star in the Czech Republic and she fucks and bounces her tits in raunchy hardcore videos. One of our Czech contacts submitted her. In this video, Ludwiga gets worked over by a relentless, human fuck machine named Dieter, a German porn dude. "Dieter looked at me like a hungry wolf before we started the video, but I liked that. It meant to me that I was going to have sex with a wild man. I have to say his cock and his balls tasted good. He gave me a lusty fuck like he had not had a woman in months, but I knew he has made many porn videos. I squeezed his balls after we had sex and a lot of sperm came out of his cock on my breasts. I was impressed."

19m 48s
25 February 2023
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