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Aylin Tattoo Gets A Personal Trainer For Workout


What a great day for an outdoor workout! At least this is what Aylin Tattoo thought when she went to this place to stretch her muscles a bit. But when Marco Bull arrives with the same idea, the course of the day changes - and changes big time. You see, Marco is a personal trainer of sorts. She gives directions to lost ladies. And being ""lost"" can be actually lost, or well lost in the world of fitness. Luckily he is a gentleman and offers help with anything right away. Though we all know, all he thinks of if fucking but hey - if the current pray is up for it, so be it. And Aylin is so up for the task. So much so, that when Marco introduced her to his own, private little workout place - which coincidentally only consisted of a couch in a nice setting of course - she immediately started to suck his cock. Now he knows that she does not need anymore work really, this little afternoon fuckfest is in the pocket. Aylin made sure that it is a memorable experience for everyone. Deepthroating, ball licking, constant eye contact. When she had the chance she even licked a little bit his

32m 49s
26 February 2023
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