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Geeky Sharon White Suck Deep


We have geeky nerdy looking Sharon White in our radar today with her supertight, perfectly shaped body. Let's take a closer look! As always, we got to have some tease. This time a really tight, strectch like top and matching bottom showing ""SEXY"" all over it. Thank you, we don't need to point that out Mr. Obvious, duuuh... She IS sexy, so that is a correct statement. Anyhow, relatively quick those great looking and formed jugs are popping out. I mean, those tits are obviously fake, but whoever did those, did a great job! Barely noticeable, and very tasteful. Then we got to see a little bit of ass play as well. Really great shape as well, superb size also. Basically - a great candidate of ass to be fucked. But this is a blowjob scene, so why not have the big entree of ""The Cock Of The Day""? So she starts working on that dick well. From the beginning she does deep throat, which is always a plus. Ball play? Absolutely! She does play with those balls very well by the looks. I mean - in an enjoyable way from the receiver part of course. They switch to 69 a bit later. We don't see the actual pussy eating part though, but can imagine, that it was REALLY good. Sharon is not shy to keep eye contact with us all the time. Those geeky nerdy eye glasses adding something to the whole experience which makes it super hot by the way. After various positions and chances to take some closer look on her - kudos to the cameramans epic job - this little session ends with a great looking, bit messy cumshot on her glasses. She catches some drips as well and swallow it. What a great looking babe, with what epic talents!

29m 11s
26 February 2023
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