Amandine Pellissard, Chat-Bite and Charles Vassal: from TV to sex!


Quickly join Amandine and Charles on their respective Swame pages! Guests like no other come to discover behind the scenes of an X filming! You certainly know Amandine Pellissard and her husband Alexandre (aka Chat-bite), who were the headliners of a reality TV show for three years… and who recently decided to change paths by exposing their sexuality to eyes of the greatest number! But this very open-minded couple did not come alone, because another television celebrity also joined the adventure, namely Charles Vassal... Very comfortable, the protagonists discuss their different experiences on Swame in particular, before slipping into much less respectable things… Find the outfit worn by Amandine on the J&M Store! Take advantage of the thousands of libertines registered on Jacquie & Michel

32m 56s
27 February 2023
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