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Joanna Angel crawls across the floor on her hands and knees as Luna Star pulls the leash attached to the collar around Joannas neck. Luna lifts her tight black dress and out pops her big beautiful bare ass. She grabs Joannas head and shoves it into the crack of her sweet ass and Joanna licks Lunas asshole as Luna grinds on Joannas face. Luna gets a double-sided metal toy and slides it into Joannas hungry asshole. She flips Joanna over and spreads her legs. Luna grabs a clear acrylic toy and pops it in and out of Joannas hole. Luna lifts Joanna up into a jackhammer position, folds a double-ended dildo in half, and double stuffs Joannas pussy and ass and fucks her with it. Next, Luna grabs a dick-on-a-stick with a huge dildo attached to the end of it and plunges it deep into Joannas asshole and swirls it around like a spoon in a witches cauldron. With Joannas ass back in the air, Luna gets a big clear glass graduated toy and starts working into Joannas stretched hole and fucks her with it up to the third ripple. After that, Luna bends Joanna over a padded saw horse and strap-on fucks her asshole deep with her fat cock. Luna gets The Slink and slides it inside Joannas asshole right to the hilt and Joanna cums hard with a vibrator while Luna fucks her with the strange long toy. Next up for Joannas stretched out hole is a large black graduated cone, and Luna gets it as far as Joanna can take it. Luna gets jealous of Joannas asshole getting to have all the fun so Luna shoves a big clear butt-plug up her own ass and twerks her pussy and ass on Joannas mouth until she cums. After that, Luna makes Joanna fuck her in the ass with all of the toys that Luna had used in hers.

09 May 2020
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Joanna Angel,Luna Star - Hot Anal Sluts, Kink, Joanna Angel, Luna Star [HD 720p]