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Marias XXXL anal ruination


Our most extreme anal ‘Queen Maria’ stars in another obscene performance of ass destruction at its very best, double punch fisted in her elasticated Brazilian butt hole by her boyfriend! We love the obsession Maria has with insane anal penetrations, and having her ass punished like no other lady we’ve ever seen before. The double fisting in this scene is not recommended for the weak hearted, this is an all out anal fist fucking massacre, only intended for the most hardcore anal enthusiasts. See Maria bent over on all fours, spreading her ass cheeks wide open as her boyfriend punch fucks both her holes simultaneously with a fist in each one. This sends Maria into a frantic orgasmic frenzy, having her ass and cunt meat double stuffed, making her gasp for breath between her intense groans of ecstasy, but her best is yet to come. He continues to shove both his entire fists, almost forearm deep in her growling, loose rectum, then blasts them in and out entirely, twisting and punch fucking his arms inside her, creating the biggest, most destroyed anal gape and prolapse, satisfying Marias masochistic desires for severe anal ruination!

09 May 2020
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Queen Maria - Marias XXXL anal ruination [HD 720p]